Lingam Massage

Lingam Tantric Massage: Masculinity and sensitivity

Lingam Massage

Lingam Massage

The Lingam -scepter of male genital area and center of sexual chakra territory- is a connection point body-mind-spirit. In fact, paradoxically, becomes the highest awareness of the masculine and a feminine opening up at the same time. So, it represents the fullness of humanity in an integrated way.

The Lingam massage is a unique experience of self-control. It shows the way to lead orgasm deliberately by imposing the rhythm of the mind and elevating it through an unknown intensity of sexual pleasure.

Before starting this trip to yourself, we recommend you a total state of relaxation, a quiet shower before flowing, and the incorporation of breath to the deeper awareness of your body for shunning stress, routine. It’s critical to send all aspects of your everyday life you away from you. When you get it, you will open the door to a total connection with your feelings and stimuli of a fascinating and amazing experience, so far from “fast sexuality”, always intoxicated by issues that suddenly will become irrelevant. After all, don’t forget it: the important thing here is nothing other than yourself. Come and enjoy the authentic Tantric massage in Barcelona!

Our rate for a single 45’ massage: €160

Our rate for a single 60’ massage: €180

Our rate for a single 75’ massage: €230

Note: We offer an authentic Tantric massage. It means that no kind of sexual intercourse, penetration or oral sex proposals are never accepted. It’s mandatory the respect for the genital area of the masseuse, part of the magic and excitement of our proposal.

Book your massage now through our contact and booking form or calling to or phone number: (+34) 722  612 713

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