Tantric massage – Hotel

Tantric massage in Hotel

If you cannot come to the Tantra massage studio, I propose this tantric massage in hotel, with Helena, a highly qualified therapist masseuse.

She will accompany you in the experience of tantric massage in hotel to activate and let the sexual energy flow freely,the most important thing of tantra massage. Examine your limitations and replace them with increased sexual satisfaction and new qualities of contact. She create a safe environment for you, connecting sensual body with enjoyment and vitality, beyond shame and conditioning.

It is a tantric massage session with full  of attention, awareness and recognition of your body in its emotional states, letting you feel, and abandoning you to respectful hands that are characterized by an unsurpassed quality of contact, intimate and respect.

It is based on an approach that includes different techniques of exploration and activation of sexual energy: abdominal and conscious breathing, conscious touch, Taoist erotic massage, genital meditation, sexual energy displacement and Californian massage and bamboo sticks techniques

Helena give you a possible way to explore the various sensations, to come to live a sexuality in connection with enjoyment and pleasure. Tantric massage is highly stimulating for men and women who want to experience and feel accepted in their own masculinity – femininity and more consciously engage in their own sexuality.

This tactile art offers you the opportunity to know new subtle and refined forms of eroticism, an entire body massage proceeds the Lingam or Yoni massage, awakens the genital area, activates the pelvic floor that loosens and relaxes, making it tangible and transmissible to the whole body.

Since this massage is about receiving, Helena focus on your needs and you can develop your erotic potential.

Tantric massage transforms you into a channel of sexual energy, from you and to you, an initiatory journey that is born from the first contact of the hands on the skin, and it says something of what we have been and what we want to be…

NOTE: Tantric massage opens up very sensitive areas of the experience in which the client is respected and protected in his or her emotional vulnerability. In this sense, it is a learning experience and should never be understood as an interactive action on the sexual or emotional level.

Appointment: info@inesguell.com and Contact Form or call +34 631 19 26 22 (SMS, WhatsApp).

Classic Tantric Massage 
90 minutes

Price: 230€

Classic Tantric Massage 
120 minutes

Price: 280€

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